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Staying fit and getting in shape during covid19 lockdown



It has been 5 months now since the gyms were closed, because of Covid19. And we still don’t have any idea of when gyms will re-open. We all want to go back to gym and throw ourselves into those weights and exercise equipment. We want to reclaim our shapes and routines.


But the fact remains, that Covid19 is still here and until we get a vaccine, no one really knows how long we will continue like this. This could be the new normal and we must adapt or find alternative ways to stay in shape and keep fit. But how, can we do this? Most of us don’t have home gyms or large space to place gym equipment and weights. Can you imagine having to purchase a squat rack and 400 kg worth of weights! I think we will discover innovative ways of making gym equipment for home.


Well, until that happens, you need to find immediate ways to stay in shape now. I hope you haven’t given up on being in shape and your overall wellbeing. Yes, it’s not easy to be a 100% fit at home, but you can maintain a good and healthy shape.


There are many physical exercises out there which can be done at home and outdoors. Many people have explored and displayed these workouts on social media, especially during this lockdown period, and I’m sure you know of the popular ones, like; jogging, yoga, push-ups and many more.


Well, while we acknowledge all these workouts, the most important think for maintaining your shape and overall wellbeing, and which is what I would like to talk to you about is having a routine and consistency. Consistency is the key to achieving all things, and like all masters and legends, having a routine is a crucial secret weapon to success and personal mastery.


Be consistent in consuming healthy balanced meals (for more on this see our previous blog on wellness pyramid:, and performing your physical workouts. To double your results, perform your workout first thing in the morning before having breakfast, this will improve your health benefits, burn more fat and assist in controlling your blood sugar. Another important thing you can add to your routine as a bonus, cherry and icing on the top is to take evening walks daily or at least 5 days a week. This will double your workout results and benefits, it will also clear your mind, which will result in better and creative thinking. Taking walks in the evening while the sun is about to set is amazing, I do this daily and I highly recommend it to you, it will do wonders to your mindset. The key is not to think of it as a workout, think of it as a spiritual activity, getting to know and spending time with yourself, the workout effects are just a bonus.  


Don’t give up, stay in shape and improve your overall wellbeing. For more on products to assist you in improving your performance and wellbeing, contact us at: or here: