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balanced diet, specific nutrition and supplements

Nutrition plays a significant role on your Fitness and Performance. This pyramid is the ultimate guide to taking care of your Nutrition and Well-being. It is Scientifically proven, and it is what top athletes and sportsmen always use to stay on top of the game. I strongly recommend it for you as well, it will elevate your well-being significantly.


The most important part on the Pyramid is the BALANCED DIET, this is the foundation of Wellness and Performance. It supports healthy and active lifestyle, will provide enough energy for all needs, adequate Macronutrients (Protein, Carbohydrates & Fat), fluids and Micronutrients (Vitamins & Minerals). Make sure your Balanced Diet is varied.


The second most important is SPECIFIC NUTRITION. These are food products which provide immediate and direct macronutrients (Convenience). For example: Protein bars, Shakes, Energy gels & bars etc. These will help in optimising Performance & Recovery, will provide macronutrients and fluid. They will also assist in meeting your training goals. The key here is CONVENIENCE. Timing of nutrient intake is Crucial, especially when Training or Competing.  


The last one is SUPPLEMENTS. These are mainly to supplement your existing Balanced Diet. They should not be your main focus if already having a varied Balanced Diet. Supplements will give you the FINAL WINNING EDGE, it’s like icing on the cake! If you going to take Supplements, be Critical, Supplements should be backed-up by Science. Always, remember; when it sounds too good to be true, it usually isn’t true.


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